Senior Devops Engineer

Posted: 17 June, 2020


We are looking for a Senior DevOps engineer with 5+ years experience working on enterprise platforms and integrated B2B solutions in a DevOps or systems administrator capacity. You will be responsible for deploying, automating, and improving the systems that keep the development and production environments running smoothly. You will work closely with engineering and leadership teams to plan and deliver large scale projects that ensure our company’s infrastructure and DevOps processes are healthy and thriving as we scale.

About us:

We are a small but ambitious startup with a remote-first, collaborative culture. Even with a small team, we are having significant impacts on the global operations of large logistics companies by gleaning insights from their data using machine learning and bringing the latest technologies into their operations. We are going places fast and need strong team members like you to help us get there!

About you:

  • Strong written and spoken communicator, can confidently document and explain concepts for both technical and non-technical team members
  • Self-motivated and capable of working independently to drive initiatives forward, but won’t hesitate to bring in others for input or assistance when necessary
  • Comfortable collaborating with developers to make sure new and existing environments meet requirements and conform to best practices
  • Experience in cloud (AWS and Azure) and infrastructure as code (Terraform, CloudFormation, etc)
  • Kubernetes experience - experience with any flavor of k8s appreciated (EKS, GKE, kops, or Openshift, etc..)
  • Exposure to functions-as-a-service (Lambda, serverless)
  • Security minded with an high-level understanding of cryptographic algorithms, secure communication protocols and secrets management systems
  • Capable programmer in modern systems languages (Go, Python, C, Rust, etc)
  • Experience with different kinds of monitoring tools and can tell which ones are good for what
  • Familiar with CI/CD and defining build/test/deploy pipelines in code
  • Capable of learning our coding languages and interpreting the business logic of our production codebase
  • (Bonus) Experience with deployment and monitoring of IoT devices in a production environment.

Requirements: We're hiring! Do you have 5+ years experience and are ready to lead devops best practice adoption in a worldclass IT solutions company? If yes, lets talk..