The increasing volume and complexity of global trades is placing increasing pressure on the existing supply chains. Margins are getting tighter, customer expectations increasing and the regulatory landscape shifting rapidly. With this dramatically  changing landscape, it is critical that providers become more resource efficient, faster, and responsive to customer needs. Digitization is a key enabler.


Virtual Control have deep technical, operational and procedural experience to help meet these needs, leveraging existing investments and processes and supplement this with digitalisation capabilities where it makes sense. Lots of companies love using talking points about enabling technologies such as sensors, IoT, data analytics, and robotics. We worry less about the buzzwords and more about the value it delivers – reduce costs, improving productivity, meeting compliance, customer expectation and shareholder expectations.


Data can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to digitization. On one hand, device-level data provides carriers with incredibly useful information across their entire operation, from planning and asset utilization to billing and invoicing. On the other hand, data integration is a challenge in itself to derive the level of granularity across the supply chain. Our expertise in data and sensor management helps get the most from the data you have, and then strengthen it  Similarly, we can help ensuring your business is ready for change and that supporting infrastructure is integrated.

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Dispute handling are estimated to cost the global logistics industry over $430Bn USD  per annum. It includes investigation effort, arbitration costs, payment of credits and write-offs. At the core of this is often disputing the condition of cargo and determining liability.

Custodian by Virtual Control significantly reduces these costs, protects customers from claims by intelligently identifying the condition of cargo from the time of receipt through to moment of handover. It helps meet the increasing demands for full traceability of items through the supply chain and helps maintain the  safety of goods and adherence to compliance requirements and regulatory standards.

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Below are examples of where we have added value to global leaders.

Cargo Acceptance

Transfer of goods is central logistics management. The typically manual documentation process can determine liability for cargo damage and loss.  Further, acceptance is important to container and UDL optimization and forecasting. Virtual Control’s integrated inspection capability creates digital records of condition and time of cargo at time of handover.

Dimension Scanning

Industry estimates are that 16-22% of cargo is larger than declared – resulting in potential revenue leakage and forecasting issues.

Virtual Control’s integrated Dimension Scanning capability demonstrated with over 99% confidence within 0.5cm the high speed scanning of cargo. It has found significant number items were 10% larger than declared. This was substantiated with a ‘Virtual Twin” – real time photographic digital record of the item.

AWB Traceability

To verify acceptance, minimize loss and improve overall control of assets a major Air Cargo operator selected Virtual Control to implement manual and integrated AirWay Bill (AWB) scanning of loose cargo.

The solution provided real time and historical reporting of cargo throughput, identified potential missing pieces and generated a digital twin of the asset.

Cargo Traceability

A leading international telecommunications provider sought technical leadership to compliment their global network to provide end to end management of cargo through the logistics network.

Virtual Control’s approach to management a Virtual Twin, combined with acceptance, scanning and traceability has resulted in a secure multiparty management control platform.

Revenue Maximisation

Based on existing Dimension Scanning capability, operations at a global air-cargo provider sought Virtual Control’s operational experience and analytics expertise to identify potential revenue leakage risk.

The approach provided 100% inspection coverage, identified accuracy and completeness gaps and is helping drive upstream process compliance improvements.

Container & ULD Inspection

A global logistics provider sought to improve safety and reduce container damage liability. Virtual Control successfully identified serial number as well as any major (holes, crushed points, dents) and minor (cracks, discoloration etc.) damage along with the door status. By creating automating and digitizing the process, both productivity and profitability improved.

CFS Optimisation

A leading global shipping provider recognized the importance of value-added services for their customers.

Virtual Control’s AI decisioning and predictive analytics capability will help our client advise their customers of opportunities to utilize latent container space by monitoring production order volumes and cargo capacity.

Container Optimisation

A leading global shipping provider recognized the importance of optimizing container loading.

Virtual Control’s Computer Vision and Machine Learning will help forecast and load planning in real time based on multi-party, and disparate big data sets.

This is expected to reduce the shipping notification window by up to 40%.